A Sandy-Affected Family In Need And How You Can Help


We interrupt our usual baby conversation to talk about a family in the Rockaway section of Queens, NY. Mom Chrissie, Dad Matt, and Katie, Mikey, and Timmy are a family who was living in Rockaway until last week when Sandy destroyed their home. The five of them have lost nearly everything and are struggling to rebuild their lives.

Did I mention that they are also struggling against childhood cancer? That’s right. Mikey is a brain cancer survivor undergoing treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

I became acquainted with this family through a friend of mine whose daughter is also a patient at Sloan. I’ve been hearing about Mikey’s ups and downs for a couple of years and I’ve been rooting for him to beat cancer all along the way. So, when my friend told me about what happened to the family last week? I had to do something. I took to my social media channels to set up a fundraiser for them and hopefully to shed some light on the destruction in Rockaway. I know the moms of the social media world can pull off amazing feats of assistance when families need help. I hope I never need help like this but if I do, I hope someone would give me a hand up, too.

You can read more at my personal blog. You can also find resources to help other Sandy-affected families at Joslyn Gray’s great Strollerderby post from this weekend.

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Photo credit: Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein