A Simple Idea to Store Your Breastmilk [video]

The Giftbag Breastmilk Storage System

I remember pumping and storing breast as being the bane of my existence with my first. I was returning to work and petrified I wouldn’t be able to keep enough milk stored.

So I pumped.

And pumped.


The result of all that pumping was milk and a lot of it.

No one ever warns you about this but storing breastmilk is a pain in the nipple. <-my bad attempt at a breastfeeding joke.

Anyway, the storage gadgets they have take up more room then the milk does, the bags don’t stack well and there’s no easy way to keep track of new verses old milk.

Until NOW!

(Do I sound enough like an infomercial?)

Introducing The Giftbag Breastmilk Storage System! So simple yet so genius–if I do say so myself. 😉

Click here my original post on GreenLiteBites with step-by-step instruction and some breast milk storage guidelines.

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