A Tragic Shooting and a Scary Reminder To Hold My Baby Close


By now you may have heard about the mall shooting  that happened yesterday near Portland, Oregon.

What you may not know is that I am from Portland and this happened at the mall where I grew up. This mall is where we did all of our Christmas shopping and where I, myself, worked retail during holiday breaks from college. I took my lunch break in the food court where these shootings took place and my parents still live only a few minutes down the road from here. I was here with my mom and Fern only two weeks ago.

Today, my heart is sad for everyone who was involved in this traumatic situation – especially the families of the two individuals who are now deceased.

It was a scary reminder that we are not promised tomorrow and as much as we like to think that things like this won’t happen to us or the people we know and love – life is fragile and fleeting. I was reminded to enjoy the time I have now and to not take the moments I have with my family for granted.

I am definitely holding my baby a little closer today.


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