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Baby sleeping, all is calm before seeing Santa
Baby sleeping, all is calm before seeing Santa

The husband had the day off to help with the kids. Today would be the day we were going to finally get a photo of all 4 of our kids together, with prints and on Santa’s lap. This was GOING TO HAPPEN. We have a few snapshots here and there, but nothing printed out. #MomFail

To see Santa, it’s quite high-tech. We’ve seen the same Santa Claus for years and thankfully it’s quite painless, don’t expect to just walk-up and say “hi!” You check-in online and then throughout the day, Santa’s team texts you updates as to how long until you can come see him. You are given a rough estimate and also given a chance to extend the time if you are running late. It all sounds complicated, but after seeing the line for Santa at the mall – this is nothing!

We checked in with a 3 hour and 23 minute wait. Plenty of time to get 4 kids dressed, right?  It took 3 hours, don’t ask – but we did it. All 4 were dressed and ready to roll. We made it to the darling book store and stood in line for 5 minutes before it was our turn.

We placed the big kids, next to Santa. Then handed Santa the toddler, Izaiah, and the baby, Zeke. And then we had meltdown. Zeke and Izaiah refused to see the scary man in the big red suit. EPIC. Just what I wrote about. So, of course this would happen to us!

We ordered several sheets and went on our merry way. Finally a photo of all 4 of our kids, even if half are kicking and crying – we have A PHOTO!

Did Your Kids Freak Out On Santa’s Lap?


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