A Trip With Just Me and My Girls


In the wee hours of tomorrow morning I will be waking my two little girls up for an unexpected trip to Florida. We received some unfortunate news on Monday about my grandmother being ill. I knew that I needed to be down with her and after some thinking and speaking with my husband, we thought it would be best if I took the girls with me.

This is the first time that I will be traveling with both of the girls on my own. I’ve travelled with each of them at once, but never both on my own. I am a bit nervous to do it all by myself. If it’s anything like my last flight with Avery, I know I am going to lose it. I can do our day to day routine like it’s nothing, but put me in a high stressed situation at 5am and I think that I might crumble.

Thankfully Harlan is fairly self sufficient and follows directions rather well. I can give her an ipad for the entire flight and she will be fine. It’s Avery that I’m a little bit nervous about. She is always on the go and on the move. She wants to walk, crawl, and get int0 things. She is not content just sitting.Last time I traveled with her she was only five months old and did wonderful. She wasn’t as interested in being on the move, so it made her sitting in my lap very easy.

We have a layover between our flights and I am so nervous to get both girls, our stroller that will be checked at the gate, and all three of us to our next gate in just 45 minutes. I have snacks packed, electronic devices fully charged, and new toys ready to go and entertain throughout our trip.

I’ve always relied on my husband when we travel with both girls. This time I am going to have to rely on the help others that are willing to lend me a hand.

Have you ever travelled alone with more than one child? Any tips?

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