Abby The Coo-Meister


Queen of Banter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video of sweet Lil’ Abner. No sense in clogging up the internets with hours of baby cooing. How about only minutes?

She is, after all, ridiculously adorable. I mean, I bet you crack a smile after a few seconds into this video. I think it would be rather impossible, unless you’re dead inside.

That’s it — if your heart is not warmed and lips tickled upward? You must very well be void of the human capacity for enjoyment.

So there. Now watch my baby coo dangit, because it’s bloody well cute.

Also? I find it especially precious about midway – when she is enthralled by the sound of her brother’s voice and stops her banter to listen intently, eyes wide. That’s the stuff right there.


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