Abby's 1st Jeggings


Oh yes. It’s true. Jeggings really are horrid..aren’t they? For the most part.

In that there are a plethora of women who wear them in the wrong way.

It’s just a fact.

Sure they are comfy and easy to wear…but some of the prints (like acid wash…*shudder*), just shouldn’t be done.

Also? when they are too tight?

And we can see the elastic waistband and other far more TMI unmentionables? Oh I’ll just go ahead and say it. Camel toe. Nooooooo thank-you. (Yes, I can still use that  horrid term and still be a feminist, ask me why).

Fashion FAIL. On my wee baby daughter however, fashion WIN.

Just you try and deny it. Perhaps jeggings should only be allowed for babies. What do you think? (First world issues, I know!)

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