Abby's First Smiles! [Video]

Extreme Baby Love

I think one of my favourite milestones is the baby smiles. When your little nube looks up at you with awe-struck fascination and smiles at you. C’mon. That stuff is pure gold.

Lil’ Abner is giving us her gummy grin and oh my heavens, it’s heart-stopping.

She has a few different styles of smiling. One is a lopsided cheeky grin, the other is a full-on, mouth-opened grin and the other is just the faintest hint of a smile.

A delicate, charming show of happiness, through the shine in her eyes and the slight upturn of her mouth. I examine them all and talk to her up close, this brings them out the most.

While I may be partial, you can’t tell me I’m all that wrong. I could only get the delicate on one video, darn kid won’t perform on demand (yet). See for yourself…don’t tell me that’s gas. Let me have my fabrication.