Abby's First Thanksgiving (Yes, I Am Canadian)

Thanksgivng Fancy Dress

Amongst all of the ruckus of last weekend, it was also Thanksgiving over here in Canada. After a full day of selling and shmoozing, I arrived at my mom’s to be presented with the most delicious spread of fall harvest food dishes, brined turkey and pies — one could ever imagine or hope for.

We all did a quick change of zee baby tooshies and all got into our fancy dress action for the affair. Lil’ Abner may not have been old enough to taste  the brilliant feast, but she sure did look the part. I’ll dress my little beauty up in vintage frocks every chance I can get. Again, this particular gem is from Bombshell Betty’s Vintage on Etsy.

We may have traveled from afar and been exhausted — but it was worth it. To have Abby meet some friends and family for the first time, gather, feast and be thankful for everything our crazy lives have been blessed with.

Do you trek far and wide to spend the holidays with your family and friends? Is it worth it? Or are the holidays (=your family), too nutter-futters to even want to actually spend time together? I can relate. I’ve grown accustomed to accepting the bad (or uncomfortable), with the good. There were many years where I didn’t make any treks. Nope. No thank-you. I’ve gotten more used to my blended family, many times over and just smile & nod to those whom I barely know (or like, for good reason), around the dinner table. Because there are some around that table who I know and love very much — and they, I. Including my children.


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