Abbys Four Month Checkup

Tummy Time for Two
Tummy Time for Two

We had Abby’s four-month checkup today! It was uneventful, which was great. She is 14 lbs 3 oz, and 24.4 inches tall, which puts her firmly just above the fiftieth percentile in both weight and height.

Our beloved doctor was duly impressed with Abby’s two bottom teeth, but as he perused the inside of her mouth, he said she’s not working on any more imminently it’ll be a good six to eight weeks before she gets anymore.

WE had a discussion about her sleeping habits. You may remember that she was sleeping through the night for a while, but now, she wakes every 3 hours. This means I’m up at least once and sometimes twice a night to nurse her back down. He was careful to reassure me that this is all about parenting choices, and there’s no right or wrong answers, but four months is when kids develop habits, and if we want to steer her in any direction, now’s the time to start.

If I’m not happy with waking every three hours during the night, that’s okay. She probably started eating more often because she was uncomfortable from the teething, and continued to do so because she liked it; it’s not a necessity, as she’s growing beautifully and clearly healthy as a small, cute, smiley horse. So if we want to talk her out of waking so often, Randy and I can switch places in the bed. I nurse her down at 11 pm, and when she wakes at 3am, he soothes her back down to sleep without food. Once she gets out of the habit of eating then, she’ll probably go back to sleeping.

It all sounds good on paper, but I’m not sure I want to go that route. For one thing, my husband the super-sleeper might not wake the way I do. For another, I’m worried he’ll take the job too seriously and sit up with her for an hour, thereby wrecking the whole next day for him. It’s just so easy to get her right back down with a ten-minute trip to the boob. It’s like I’m too lazy to make things easier!

Or maybe I’m just a control freak. You heard it here first, folks.

We talked about how active she is. The Exersaucer is fine (we call it “the baby office”), but whatever time she spends in it, she should spend equal time on the play-mat to be sure she’s working all her muscles. If she’s scooting off the mat on her back (and she is), she’ll be crawling soon, as long as we keep up the tummy time. He’d really like for me to start swimming lessons, or at least spend time with both kids in the pool. Sigh. Doesn’t he know how cold and clammy this town is?!

One cool thing is that Abby’s had this goopy eye since birth. Well, that’s not the cool thing. The cool thing is that while he encourages me to keep squirting boob milk on her eye, he also showed me how to massage her tear duct, three times a day, to encourage the goopiness to go away. I feel like a really small-scale physical therapist!

She also got two vaccinations Prevnar and DTaP. I asked the doctor if that was too much for her immune system to take at once; he told me about how vaccinations were developed and changed over the years, and that the ones they use now are much easier on the system than the ones they used until the mid-80s. He’s been doing this for years, and as far as he can see, some kids are more sensitive than others but having two vaccinations on one day hasn’t caused a problem in any of his patients.

And she took it like a champ. She cried, but calmed down right away, and was fussy tonight, but only a little more than usual. This being her third DTaP, she’ll have 80% immunity much more reassuring with the whole pertussis epidemic going on.

All in all, a fine trip to the doctor.