Addie is 15 Weeks Old...

My big girl

To say my little girl is growing way too fast would be a complete understatement. While she is still a small fry hanging out in 0-3 month clothes, and barely tipping the scale at 13 pounds, the developments daily are that of your run of the mill 4 month old.

Nope, I am not going to brag that she is better at algebra than I am, or that she ran the Boston marathon… she is just your average almost 4 month old, and I am loving every minute of it. Actually I wish I could just pause time right now and keep her little just a tad big longer.

She is fitting better into her cloth diapers, so I made it a point to take a couple pictures of her in them today, and of course I felt the need to pose her with one of the teddy bears she has. I am pretty sure she hated me most of the afternoon because of it, but it is something she is going to have to get used to.

I can’t wait till she is old enough for the piggy paint I have to paint her finger nails and toe nails. Yup, I am that mom too!

Overall, I am super excited that she is thriving normally after all the problems I had in my last trimester, and the concern over her little 5 pounds self once she finally made a surprise entrance into this world.

Oh, and yeah… she still sleeps through the night, and I love every minute of it!   If all my children were as laid back as her, I would be the next Michelle Duggar!   Well, that and if we could afford all those kids!

Anyway… Here is our Little Miss A… 3 days shy of her 16 week birthday sporting just one of her many assorted cloth diapers (FuzziBunz),  and headbands… By the way, the headband she is wearing, I totally made!

  • 1- Hands at the Mouth… 1 of 7
    1- Hands at the Mouth...
    Yeah, mouth... that is the only place her hands are these days!
  • 2- Oh you want me to smile? 2 of 7
    2- Oh you want me to smile?
    In an attempt to get a smile... I got a grin behind a mouth full of fingers...
  • 3- Really Lady? 3 of 7
    3- Really Lady?
    Yes Addison... I am that mom!
  • 4- Sitting Up? 4 of 7
    4- Sitting Up?
    If I hold onto her fingers she will typically sit up and sway very little... until I bust the camera out!
  • 5- Please save me! 5 of 7
    5- Please save me!
    From this bear! HELP!
  • 6- Ok I will smile… 6 of 7
    6- Ok I will smile...
    Now get that Camera out of my face!
  • 7- Remember when? 7 of 7
    7- Remember when?
    Remember when she was this tiny? Where does time go?

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