Addie Plays Angry Birds

Not those angry Birds!

Angry Birds is a new obsession in our house, and it started with my iPhone. It went from me, to my husband, then to the two-year-old and apparently now Addie is taking on her own form of angry birds.

To the side, take a good look. That is a chiming bird which is made by Bright Starts. No, I was not given one to review, I actually got this when I was pregnant with Addison last Christmas from a friend. 

During this past year I fell in love with the toy, and then Addison fell in love with it. She is completely obsessed with it. She launches it all over the place. Carseat… gotta have it. Playing in her crib? Where is it? Not in her sight? Here comes the meltdown!

The funniest is when she is playing with it and gets mad. It seriously looks like she belongs in the angry bird video game. She launches it, grunts, and then screams. Just picture it!

Does your little one have a favorite toy?


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