Addie The Overnight Celebrity


My daughter is a local celebrity now… well and so are my boobs apparently.

On Tuesday of this week, I attended a nurse in at our local mall I organized after one of my good friends was told to cover up in the food court by a mall security guard. What went from a simple nurse in with a couple mothers turned into a three ring media circus which my daughter took front and center in.

The photo to the side was taken by one of the reporters, and I think she is just beautiful if I do say so myself.

But totally not the point at all.

Over the course of two hours, which we sat in the mall and nursed, took photos, chatted with the press… she became a total local celebrity and in the end was featured in a ton of local newspapers, and on some of the local news channels.  All at just a month old.

Man, she is probably going to do big things with her life, and I hope she does!
The advocate in me prays that she gets the same kind of fire and passion for the issues she really cares about.  The same trait I got from my father at a really young age.

For more info, and coverage from the nurse in, you can check out my personal recap!

photo: Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Connecticut Post

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