Adding Another Baby


adding anotherI always thought I’d have two kids one boy and one girl.  I’m an only child and even though I loved being the one and only when I was growing up, now I kind of wish I had a brother or a sister.  Lucky for me, I married into a big family.  My husband has 4 siblings.  It’s fun at gatherings to hang out in a big family and I love watching him interact with his brothers and sisters.  It makes me realize that I want that for Wolf.

Wolf is only 3 months old but the thought of adding another is always in the back of my mind.  We go from thinking “let’s have the next as soon as possible” to “let’s wait a year or two”.  My initial instinct wants them around the same age.  18 months to 2 years apart.  I always thought it would be fun for the kids to be relatively close in school and that maybe down the road they’d be best pals and have similar friends.  But 18 months apart means we have to start trying again in January or February.  And I wonder, are we ready yet?

For now, I’m enjoying our time with Wolf.  I love getting to know him and I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to uproot our rhythm.  However, I’m longing for Wolf to have a buddy.  Husband wants another boy and quite honestly, I’d be happy with another little boy too, but I’ve got my heart set on a little girl.

If you’ve got siblings or two or more kids of your own, do you want to share your thoughts on adding another?