Admit it. He's cute.

cute smiley baby
I'm cute, no?

At Trader Joe’s today, a lady asked me if people always tell me my baby is incredibly cute. I paused for a moment and then unabashedly said: “Yes, they do.”

That’s right. My baby IS so cute. I have the Facebook comments to prove it! I’m sure your baby is incredibly cute…no…imPOSSIBLY cute too. If so, how about entering Babble’s Impossibly Cute baby contest? You could win $25K.

That’s $25,000 just for having a cute baby!! The first 500 people to enter by November 10th (that’s this Wednesday) will get their entry fees refunded–but only if 500 people enter! So what if it’s a little exploitation, it could be $25K in your pocket. That’s like ONE SEMESTER at a private university in the United States! Although, in 18 years when your baby goes to college it will be more like one quarter. STILL, it’s a lot of money, and we all could use some cash these days, right?  Will you enter? Invite your friends!

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