Admitting the Woahs of Parenthood

Parenting... every day isn't perfect.
Parenting... every day isn't perfect.

Today I was reading a blog over at NPR talking about the woahs of parenthood. After a day like today, I couldn’t agree with the blogger more.

Having children is wonderful. But it’s not ALL wonderful. Maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, but YES – I am guilty of sugar coating the whole parenting thing.

This afternoon, three friends from work brought me lunch. Two are single and childless. I know I looked like total crap. My words slur when I talk and my thoughts aren’t complete from the sleep deprivation. The house is a wreck from the other three kids. And our air conditioner has gone out two times in the last three days (did I mention I was in Texas?). When my friends asked how things are going, I said “Great. Zeke is such a sweet baby.” BOOM. Sugar coated. 

Like all things good in this world, nothing is perfect. Being a parent sure isn’t everything, but it definitely is something. Parenthood has it’s rewards and challenges.

Despite knowing all that I know from being a mother to four children, I’d do it all over again. Because if the house was just the home to my husband and I – I know that too would have it’s issues. (Like who would I blame all of MY messes on!)

All that said – maybe I need do need to be more real in regards to being a parent, and like the blogger said – LAUGH about our challenges.

From the NPR blog:

Parents: Let’s make a deal. Let’s be honest with each other, or at least one friend, that there are times when the whole enterprise feels like a bad idea. Let’s be less alone with this and maybe even laugh about it, putting aside for just a few minutes the earnest need always to say, omigod it’s so great.

It seems only fair. The one thing we all do is complain about our parents.

So since we’re being real, between my two kids in diapers – today I have changed six diapers full of crap. I have been spit up on twice. Each of our kids have had melt downs today. I have made it INTO the shower the last three days, but all three attempts have been cut short due to a crying baby. That being said,  my hair hasn’t been washed in three days.

There you go, how’s that for real. I’m going to pour a glass of wine now – re-read this blog post and laugh.

How REAL Are You When It Comes to Parenting?