Adorable! Baby Wakes Up Dancing to Bruno Mars "Runaway Baby" [Video]


We should all take a lesson from Christian, who really knows how to get his day started right. Plus, this is definitely the cutest video you’ll see all day.

As TODAY notes, all Christian needs to get his day off on a positive note is the Bruno Mars’ song “Runaway Baby.” He starts to boogie before he’s even fully awake!

Christian’s father, Walter Piper of Cincinnati, Ohio, tells TODAY Moms, “When he was about 13 months we discovered he had food allergies,” Piper said. “He would be so uncomfortable we would play music to calm him down and help him sleep. But he would wake up cranky, so we decided to wake him the same way we put him to sleep.”

Dad says the little guy will dance constantly if they play his favorite tunes. That’s why he’s nicknamed “Go Christian.”

Since it was posted two weeks ago, the video of Christian shaking his little booty has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

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