Adorable Pic of The Week: Babywearing Daddy


Father’s Day is but a couple of short weeks away and I’m already cultivating seeds of extra special love. You know, DIY gifties, a brunch to die for, letting him sleep in and perhaps some geekery that he’s coveting.

I wasn’t shy about proclaiming what in my mind, makes a #winning Mother’s Day, so of course the same rules apply to honoring those dads who rock.

In my search for inspiration and ideas. (Pinning away over here). I’ve come across some adorable, heart rendering, dare I say sexy, pictures of dads with their babies and children. My favorite thus far is the one you are about to see. Behold, one of the sweetest pictures you will see this week. Also, very badass. 

Photo Credit: Kemiteko on Tumblr

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