Adorable Picture of The Week: Bathtub Baby


Yes, we’re all about cute babies over here. We constantly want to capture them in all of their adorble-ness, made none the easier by how dang hard to photograph they are.

Constantly on the move, it’s blurry shots that us shutterbugs usually get.

So when the fates align and you get that perfect shot? Perfect focus and blurred background? Big sweet baby eyes making contact with the lens?

That’s #winning right there.

Bathtub scenes are a timeless favourite, because obviously. There’s not much cuter than nekkid babies, with all of their chub and rolls splashing about in water and bubbles.

That’s the stuff that makes the heart go Oooff! right there.

The best is when a little bebe has mounds of hair to shampoo into ridiculous holds and styles. You know what I’m talking about. It’s been done a trillion times before, will be done a trillion times more and never gets old.

Behold the baby in a bathtub mastery, after the jump.

Send us pictures of your adorable bathtub baby to be featured in an upcoming slide-show! Email images to and include your website/blog url if you so desire.

Photo Credit: Piccsy

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