Adventures In Baby Food Continue!

Finally starting to figure out how to get food into the mouth!

Since I initially wrote about starting Cullen on solids, we’ve continued our adventures in new tastes and new textures.  The first few times we offered chunky food, he gagged, spit, and seemed generally horrified by the concept.

So we moved on to purees in order to get something into his mouth without refusal.  He took to them instantly.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and pears have all been big hits.  With each feeding, I continued to offer something more solid – like puffs, banana chunks, or (defrosted) frozen peas – just to keep him curious and interested in different types of food.

It took a few weeks, but he’s finally starting to explore the food on his tray.  He still seems to have an interest and taste for the purees, but he also loves playing with all the solid food sprinkled in front of him.  

His biggest challenge right now is figuring out how to get it from the inside of his hand to the inside of his mouth.  He’s still working on developing the pincer grasp, so for now most things are just mashed inside that little baby fist.  From there, he generally jams his entire fist into his mouth in hopes that some food might make it to his tongue.

It’s so fun watching him eat and react to new tastes and textures.  Tonight I steamed a sweet potato and set a few big hunks down on the tray in front of him.  His eyes lit up and his interest immediately shifted.  Within just a few minutes, 80% of his face was bright orange and both my dogs were circling the high chair.  This whole baby food thing might be fun, but it sure is messy!

I’m doing my best to give him a variety of foods to keep the experience interesting and fun for him.  A few foods I’m excited to try this week?  Mango, peaches, and avocado!  I’m happy that our mix of baby-led weaning and traditional purees seems to be a good fit for Cullen.  I’m working on just watching his cues and signals, and figuring out what to do from there.  Some meals are huge, while at others he barely eats a thing, but since he’s still getting breastmilk the solids are really more just for experience.

Next week I might get brave enough to venture past the fruits and veggies.  For now, we’re taking it one meal at a time.