Adventures In Sleeping: In Which I Am Needing Your Advice


We have a great mystery on our hands at the Holbrook house. Perhaps you can help?

Our Huckleberry, who is 4 months old, and who was previously sleeping through the night in glorious, magnificent 8-10 hour stretches, is now waking up to eat four times a night.

Sleep training is going along so-so. At night I bathe him, book him, boob him, sing him a lullabye, kiss him on the forehead, and I’m out. He shouts at me from the bedroom for about five to ten minutes (still! more than a week in!) and then he sleeps blissfully . . . until about midnight. So, I dunno, I feed him. (Rookie mistake, but crying only gets him more and more worked up, so . . .)

Repeat at two.

Then again at four?

Yep, at six too.

At about seven or eight he is up for the day and I am wrecked. Exhausted. What happened to my good little sleeper? Four feedings a night! What iiiiiiiis thiiiiiiiis?????

Now, I don’t know (I’m just the mom), but it seems to me this could be because:

a.) He is not sleeping in his beloved stroller anymore (I moved him to the crib for sleep training, sort of a “ripping of the band aid” method), and is thus staging a revolt.

b.) He is teething (this could also explain the hands-in-mouth/increased drool), and is thus staging a revolt.

c.) He is not getting enough to eat during the day (this could also explain the fact that my twice-a-day pooper is now going two and three days between soiling), and is thus staging a revolt. (But have you seen this kid? He does not look hungry.) (He’s also not in any obvious pain, so it’s not constipation.)

d.) He is the opposite of a normal baby and reacts in a backwards fashion to sleep training (though, he was having this problem before I attempted sleep training; it was one of the reasons I felt it might be time to start), and is thus staging a revolt.

e.) Sleep Regression Is A Real Thing.

f.) Whatever, it will sort itself out.

g.) All of the above.

I remember when he first started sleeping through the night. He was 8 weeks old. I was SO PROUD. What a little genius! Obviously I took all the credit. SUCH GOOD MOTHERING. And now! What could all this mean? Am I not so superb as I’d thought? Clearly that’s not it . . .

What do you think, Watson? Your thoughts go riiiiiiiight here.