Alone Time with Baby


This is something I took for granted having only one child. With my first, after all the family left and my husband went back to work, I had all the time in the world to just hang out with baby. We spent our days together doing everything from cleaning up the house to running errands or spending time at the library. Even grocery shopping was only him and I. Everything I did, I did with him and I LOVED it.

With baby number 2, it’s not as easy to just have one-on-one time. I’m navigating a larger family now and trying to include both kids in the daily activities. Right now with the baby being a baby it’s not so bad but I’m a little worried about things to come.

I’m the kind of mother that tries to involve her kids in everything. Yesterday was a good example–my 5 year old helped me clean the bathrooms, sweep the floor, put the dishes away and even cut a melon. We do everything together and I have no doubt it’s helping shape him into the person he will become. How will this work with two? When will I get this alone time the baby?

Just one of many of my worries now that I two.