Am I A Dirty, Lazy Mama?

Hank's first tub

I can’t remember if I bathed Violet every day when she was a newborn.  I probably did.  But a lot of the details of Violet’s first months are lost to the million volt shock that is new parenting.

Nowadays, Violet gets bathed every day, mostly out of necessity, meaning, she gets really sticky, dirty and if I don’t want her looking like an extra from an Oliver Twist production, I’ve gotta hose her down at least once a day.

But Henry isn’t exactly clomping around in mud and eating sticky PB&J sandwiches, or cultivating a horrific case of B.O., so he stays relatively clean.  I tend to use that as justification for bathing him every other day.  I feel guilty Violet is getting the daily spa treatment and not Henry but if I bathed them both every, single day I’d never, ever get out of the house before noon. 

Between getting Violet in the tub and oh, Henry’s crying, hold on Violet, it’s okay Henry, and then back to Violet to play with tub toys and later the requisite whining when I tell her it’s time to wash her hair and oh, Henry’s hungry, play with your toys while mama sits here and feeds Henry, okay Violet let’s get you dressed and by that time an hour has passed and I haven’t even started with Henry yet and Calgon!  Take someone away!

It’ll be different when I can throw ’em both in the tub at the same time, but for now, hook a sister up, wouldja?  How often do you bathe your kids?  Am I a dirty, lazy mama or do you know of what I speak?

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