Amazing Advice From Experienced Moms

Hard to see the dark side is.

Good or bad, whether we ask for it or not, mothering advice comes your way once you have a baby. Some of the advice is really useful, I’ve gotten some really amazing pointers from the moms on this site as well as from friends and relatives who had babies before I did. Over at Being Pregnant, my sister, (who is one of the people that has given me great advice, by the way) posted a really genuine list containing wisdom from experienced moms.

The three nuggets my sister posted are priceless, especially the bit about telling your mother-in-law to stick it, but one of my favorites was this one, although easier said than done:

Don’t OBSESS and…

Also, at some point, no matter how careful you are you will probablly drop your baby, or he’ll roll off the changing table, or crawl off the bed…. It’s a rite of passge. You’re still a good mother.

And this one…

Expect there to be times when you will feel overwhelmed and terrified of the responsibility/challenge. Also expect there will be times when you are high on love, feeling joy like you’ve never felt before. As long as you experience both, things will be just fine!

See her post here and the entire list here.

Photo: Orange_Beard/Flickr