An Introduction.


Hello Baby’s First Year Readers!

I’m Melissa, I write a blog called Dear Baby and I’m also one of the new kids on the block here on Baby’s First Year.  A few short weeks ago I looked like this:

But on May 17th, we welcomed our brand spankin’ new baby boy into the world with an incredible water birth (I look forward to sharing the details here soon). His name is Arlo, and this kid is about as sweet as they come. I’ve spent just about every second since he was born with my nose against the top of his head, inhaling his newborness in. This little fella isn’t much on sleeping for more than two hours at a time so if it’s 5pm, 3am, or 10am you can most likely find me in a lack of sleep daze, happily (deliriously?) sniffing my baby.

This isn’t my first baby rodeo – I’ve also got a darling 17 month old named Everly – she’s equally sweet but smack dab in the middle of the “NO!” phase and “high pitch squealing for no reason is fun” phase.  She’s also proving herself to be a great big sister and loves holding Arlo’s hand and patting his little blonde head.

Our house is full of happy chaos at the moment. My husband and I consider it a successful day if we all manage to brush our hair and eat something besides cereal for dinner. We thought we had this parenting thing figured out, but with two kids under a year and a half needing our constant attention, we’re learning pretty quickly that we’ve got a long way to go. Currently, my shirt is covered in dried breastmilk and spit up, the bags under my eyes are heavy, and my house is a wreck but I really mean it when I say I’m loving every minute of it.

Here’s to new adventures in blogging and in parenting!


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