An Open Letter To Hairstylists From A Mom


iStock_000015528800XSmallDear Hairstylists of The World:

I would like to address something with you that may ring true for many moms out there. Since having kids, all I want out of my hair is simplicity.

Let me explain. I have naturally curly hair that can be styled with almost no effort. All I need is a cut with enough layers to avoid looking like Roseanne Rosandana and I’m good to go. And that’s how I like it. Sure, I want my hair to look cute but I don’t have the time – or frankly, the inclination – to put a lot of work into it. I need a good, very basic cut. That’s it. That’s all. I don’t use styling tools or products and I make that very clear when you ask me what I want before you start cutting.

Let me tell you why this is the case. In the mornings, I have to hit the ground running. I’ve usually logged 7-ish hours of sleep in 3-4 hour chunks broken by nursing in the night. Once the whole family is up, I need to feed the baby, feed my older child, feed myself. I need to change diapers and nag my son to go potty. I have to start a load of laundry, locate clean clothes for me and the baby, tell my son to get dressed. I have to make sure my son’s lunch and snack are packed and tell him again to get dressed. I have to sit down and nurse one last time before we leave the house. I have to remind my son – now naked and playing with Legos – to just get dressed, already. I have to hunt down boots and mittens and hats and answer 20 questions about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have to text another mom about a playdate and kiss my husband goodbye on his way out the door. I have to do an emergency poopy diaper change.  I have to buckle car seats.

My hair? Doesn’t even register on the morning priority list.

That’s why, Stylists of the World, when I say I don’t do anything to my hair, I mean it. I really, really mean it. And while it might be boring for you to give me conservative, uncreative mom-hair, that’s what I want. Show me your skill by giving me the kind of cut that works without a round brush or styling paste. Don’t upsell me a flat-iron or the latest hair serum from Morocco. I won’t use them. And if you give me a hair cut that requires them, you will never see me again.

I’m not trendy. I’m not fashion-forward. I’m not looking to make a statement with my hair. Maybe that will all happen when my kids are older but for now I just want to look well-groomed. Please listen to my words and take my lifestyle into account when you start snipping. Give me a cut that I can wash and wear and I will give you my loyalty.

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