An Open List: How I Plan To Be A Better Mother


Things have changed over the last five years. With each child I become busier. With each year more things seem to float onto my mile long to-do list. I seem to have a little more stress, a little more worry. I long for a family vacation with no interruptions. I live for the weeks when no one is sick and I don’t to run to the doctors offices three times in one week. All of these things are things I’ve taken on as a Mom. More responsibility. Higher priorities. More love.

But there comes a time when change is needed. I think that change is now. A month into 2013 and I am ready to start making those life goals I have as a mom happen. I feel like our time here is short. It seems to be getting shorter. Days seem to go by more quickly. My littles are growing in a flash.

As a Mom there are a few personal things I would like to change. Here is my open list in hopes that I can be a better Mom. Each year, we grow, things change and I am always looking for ways to better myself for my family. 

  • I want to eat clean. Organic. I want to stop looking for the carry-out menu. I want to cook-in more. Less Oreos, more spinach. 
  • I want to spend less time worrying over the little things and focus on the things that really matter. 
  • I want to learn to say no more. I want to take on less so I have more time with my littles. I want to try to not multi-task in a chaotic manner and try to make my work life more calm, less stressful. 
  •  I want to disconnect. One of my good friends, Casey of The Wiegands, wrote a great post this week which really opened my eyes. She is so truly inspiring and brilliant. I want to turn off my cell phone. Put it down and walk away from it for the day. I want to try not to check email or work when my kids are awake or wanting my attention. I want to not rely on technology so much. 
  • I want to spend more one on one time with my littles. Even if it is just five minutes or a trip to the store. I want to make them feel special by spending one on one time together. When you have a large family this is impossible — I want to make it possible. 

Do you have a list of goals? We are all human, and while some may think I am some kind of super-mom with special powers, I am just as human as you. I make mistakes. I have weak moments. But I am trying — trying to be the best mom that I can be to these sweet little ones.

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