And I Thought I Loved My Cat


I started feeling the rumblings of baby fever for the first time when I was about 23-years-old.

So, I took the next logical step, and adopted a cat, and then another cat, and then a dog.

For several years during my late twenties, I was pretty immersed in the health and happiness of my pets. I still wanted a baby, but the timing wasn’t right, so I channeled all of my displaced baby-love into my animals, and at that time, it felt so strong. My pets were my babies.

Finally, I had a real baby…

I still loved my pets, but I soon realized how shallow that love really is compared to what happens in your heart when you have a child.

That motherly affection I felt for my pets was multiplied by a million plus one when I had my baby, and I soon realized that there is nothing more intense than the love we feel for our children.

I feel so lucky to have another chance to stare into the chubby-cheeked face of a baby with Kara. Her smiles absolutely melt my heart, and the feeling of not one, but two children in my arms is amazing.

I could really ponder the depth of motherly love forever. If you have kids, you know that it is really boundless.

Are you ever amazed by how much love you feel for your baby?

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