And She Loved Santa!

She was all smiles!

When my boys were babies, they hated Santa. Hell, if you look closely at this year’s picture, my middle child Benjamin is absolutely, to this day, scared to death of the guy.

But not Addison. Even after falling asleep, and being woken up to have her hair brushed, headband put back on and then given to sit in the lap of a jolly stranger with a New York accent in his Ho Ho Ho and a fake plump belly … she was like …  Yup, whatever. Am I supposed to smile now?

And I have to give her props! I thought she was going to be just as bad as the boys.

We watched other babies get placed in his lap and completely flip out. Hysterics, and scream their heads off …

Nope not Addie. She looked up at the guy, gave him one of her huge, heartmelting smiles, and looked at the camera to wow the rest of us.

But I know she is a complete rarity because almost all of our friends who have babies continue the horror stories, so I want all the readers here to chime in and share their Santa stories … the good, bad, and the ugly. Did your little one love Santa or scream like you were trying to kill them?