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And Then He Dropped the Baby

By emily |

So you know the saying, “you must have been dropped on your head as a baby.”

Um yeah. About that…

Up-front disclaimer: baby Paul is fine, but last Friday night was kinda scary.

Yes, the unthinkable happened. My husband accidentally dropped Paul.

It was Friday night around 5:30pm, by far the most hectic part of the day at my house. I was in the kitchen prepping dinner, the other 3 kids were being hyper and crazy as always, and my husband had just walked in the door from a long day at work. I was feeling overwhelmed and immediately handed Paul over to him so I could finish up getting dinner on the table.

My 2-year-old called out and needed help with something in the mudroom, so my husband goes in (still holding Paul) to help Gage (my 2-year-old) out. Michael bends down to grab Gage’s arm, and immediately loses his balance and slips on the tile floor.

Picture it: My husband falls back, baby Paul is instantly startled and lunges forward. Paul falls out of my husbands arms, at an approximate height of 24″ from the floor.

Michael quickly recovers, grabs Paul and comes back in the kitchen to tell me what happened, and to check Paul out. We are both completely shocked at what just happened.

To make a long story short, we immediately called our doctor and researched “what to do when you drop the baby.” Yeah, that’s a Google search you’d rather avoid at all costs.

For your parental reference, if you ever do drop your baby, here’s a quick list of BAD symptoms to watch for:

  • loss of consciousness
  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • irritability
  • vomiting

Other than being very very cranky (I imagine he had a serious headache), and a small red spot on this forehead, Paul didn’t appear to have any of the above symptoms. Friday night neither my husband or I slept very well, as we both kept getting up to check on baby Paul’s status. Fortunately, everything appeared normal.

Today Paul had his 4-month checkup. He’s doing great, and his doctor said he more than likely suffered from a very mild concussion, although we’ll probably never know.

Looking back, it definitely was a very scary circumstance. My husband still feels completely terrible about it, but I keep reminding him that it wasn’t his fault, and that accidents do happen, even to the most seasoned parent.

But yes, it only took having a 4th kid, but we finally dropped the baby.

Has anything scary like this ever happened to you?

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20 thoughts on “And Then He Dropped the Baby

  1. El says:

    Yep. Kiddos playing on a bench while we were eating out. I am outside getting stuff put away in the stroller and as I walk in, oldest pushes middle. Hubby goes to “save” middle and drops 4 mo last on her head…on the marble floor. She didn’t cry much, and immediately went to sleep because she hadn’t napped all day. So, off to the hospital we went, and spent the nit in the ICU for observation for a skull fracture. :-( . She ended up fine, and life went on.

  2. Erin says:

    Baby fell off the bed just this weekend. Luckily, she flipped over onto her back on the way down and didn’t hit the corner of the nightstand. Dodged a bullet there, but I felt like in idiot for quite some time after she stopped crying.

  3. Courtney says:

    Somehow I had a mommy fail of letting my baby girl fall head first off a pretty antique chair at a photo shoot. Needless to say, the recup time at the shoot was a bit difficult. I’m still amazed that the photographer got anything useable, much less the stellar proofs she sent me. I just kept thinking, what if I permanently damaged her? Mommy guilt is a wicked, wicked thing.

  4. Kendra says:

    YES! It happened to me and it was the worst thing EVER!!! My son was just shy of 3 months old and he fell from the kitchen counter onto the hard tile, face down. He ended up being fine but I still haven’t forgiven myself because it was something that I could have prevented. Although it isn’t pleasant I think it is great that you shared your story. I almost didn’t share mine because I was too ashamed but then I thought, maybe my story will help someone else to not try and do too many things when you baby is around. Most of the time we are superwomen that can mutli-task with the best of them, but sometimes it is better to simply take your time and make sure your focus is where it needs to be. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad Paul is ok! Here is my story if you are interested:

  5. Janet says:

    That was one of my biggest fears! Thankfully, I never did. Now that my DD is 3, I’m still afraid of her bonking her head around. Just the other day we were playing (she loves to hold my hands and do a flip climbing up my legs) and I wasn’t ready for her to start and she slipped out of my hands and onto the floor. Thankfully it was carpeted and she landed more on her back, but it still freaked me out! (She’s fine and still wants to play that game) You just never know with head injuries.

  6. Neal says:

    The two scariest moments in my life:

    1. Getting run off the road by a Mack truck, flipping end over end into a tree filled-ditch on the side of the road, trying to wake my wife up to make sure she wasn’t dead, our car on its side, a helicopter transport on the way.

    2. Changing my then three month old daughter, picking her up just as she decided to lunge backwards, her body bending sharply at a right angle, and hearing her back crack loudly. I could even feel it in my hands, that crack. She immediately stopped fussing, and looked at me with her wide eyes. I felt frozen. And then she looked away, and smiled at something, stuck her fist in her mouth. I monitored her for the rest of the day, and my heart rate still goes up when I think about it. Now she’s two, and none the worse for wear. I don’t know what the limits of baby invincibility are, but testing them is the most terrifying thing in the world.

  7. Claire says:

    All three of mine have fallen, from couches and beds and changing tables, but the scariest by far when when my daughter (then 4 months) rolled off the bed onto a hardwood floor and…made absolutely NO NOISE. No cries, no whimpers, nothing. I thought the worst. She was and is fine, and now a healthy young lady of 10, but wow.

  8. Nicole Bowen says:

    Ummm falling is the least of my problem with my 4 daredevils! Let’s just say DSS has questioned “How?” on a few occasions! #1- 2&1/2 yr old tries to climb on Daddys motorcycle. Bare feet + hot muffler = whole bottom of foot blister. #2- 3yr old daughter + HOT eyebrow wax = multiple little splatter blisters. #3- 2yr old + 4yr old leaving door into garage open + 10yr old leaving citronella torch fuel on floor without tight cap = Baby with a mouthful, and a trip for observation at the ER! Funny, my oldest has ADHD with compulsive defiant disorder has not had a bad incident as of yet!

  9. Kayla says:

    When my son was 10months old we fell off my parents porch, the railing broke and it is about 4-5 feet fall. Thank goodness he just landed on me, I landed on my back so he landed on my stomach. We both were taken by ambulance to the hospital and looked over. He was fine thankfully!

  10. BJ says:

    When my baby was two days from turning 1yo we were at Costco and I didn’t want to wake her. I took her in her car seat and put her in the seat part basket, that part where the kids sit. As we were walking to the store from the parking lot I hit a bump with the cart. The car seat fell off of the cart, front first and bounced on the ground like I had thrown a piece of dice. I freaked!! She was screaming, I was screaming, my then 3yo was screaming. I picked up the car seat and put her into the basket part of the cart. I was afraid to touch her. It was so busy yet only one person came to see if I needed help. Eventually, I took her out of the car seat and looked her completely over. Not so much as a scratch or a mark anywhere. I had left the handle up so it was positioned across her. Thank God for that because that is what took the blunt force of the initial hit to the ground. She calmed down once I picked her up and everything was fine. I’ve been beyond cautious since then, but I’ve never been able to forgive myself even though it turned out okay.

  11. Colleen says:

    My son was 3 weeks old. Hubby fell asleep with him on his chest in bed. Middle of the night I hear a thump and a cry. Yup, he rolled over and DS rolled off. Thankfully our bed is on the floor so he only dropped a foot and a half and onto a pillow at that but it scared the hell out of me. His Dr said he was fine and my chiropractor told me that babies are more rubber the first 6 months or so so little falls like that are no big deal as long as they aren’t showing any signs of a concussion.

    My daughter rolled off the couch a couple times in the first couple weeks home but she never woke up when she fell. No signs of concussion with her either and she did fell onto a blanket but still….

    I think it happens to most people even if they are super careful. It’s rare that a little fall will hurt the baby. It’s best not to beat yourself up about it.

  12. Meghan Gesswein says:

    Before we had kids, my husband almost dropped our nephew. He was goofing around with Ben, who was being a “ghost” and walking around (he was probably 2 at the time) with a blanket over his head & body, and when my husband went to pick him up to toss him into the air, he didn’t realize he was stepping ont he blanket, so his hands kept going, but Ben didn’t. JUST as he was about to hit the floor head first, DJ caught him.

    Fun times.

    Glad Paul’s okay. xo

  13. kaye says:

    not sure if this counts but when my yougest was about 8 months old I was cooking dinner and I was holding him I needed to put some ketchup on my middle sons plate and the baby kept grabbing for it. so I put him in his high chair and forgot to strap him in I turned around for 5 sec. and heard MOM!!! being yelled by my oldest The baby had jumped out of his high chair.He was in mid air when I lunged to try to catch him but I was too late “THUD!!” on the kitchen floor!! thank god some how his head hit the dog food bowl that was full of food so it softened the blow. I picked him up he wasnt bleeding and nothing seemed to be broke but I was still convinced he was horribly injured. I called his god mother who is a nurse and she came right over(thank god she lives across the street) by the time she got here(within 5 min of him falling/jumping) he had already stop crying but I was still in tears I felt so guilty.We called hid ped. and he said not to let him go to sleep for a few hours and some other signs to watch for and as a rule if a bump swells out and not in thier usually ok. He turned out to be ok thank goodness

  14. Lynn says:

    I’ve had a lot of near misses so far. Knock wood. When she was about 4 weeks old, I took my oldest to the store for milk or something. It was a quick trip, and I had just slipped on clogs. Big mistake. I went to step up on the curb, the clog slipped off, caught the front of the curb and I went ass over tea kettle, tumbling OVER her; thank God she was still strapped in her car seat. She got completely flipped over and rolled. This was just the start: falling off the bed and then wiggling under only to get stuck – before she could roll, learning to climb a ladder at 8 mo’s, being determined to get a toy and climbing on a chair, the desk, the printer and hanging off the shelf 4 feet off the floor at 18 mo’s – and then she started introducing her baby brother to the life by picking him up and putting him on the couch at 6 days old so she could hold him, dragging him down the hall by his ankle for his bath at 2 weeks… I am looking forward to a lot of fun in the next few years!

  15. Lynn says:

    Oooh – I want to add: Watching my mom holding my nephew when he did that baby lunge thing backwards out of her arms. She caught him by his ankle and did the full arc of the swing of her arm and back up into her arms. And he was giggling and laughing the whole time. His hair brushed the floor and the kitchen cabinet!! Thank the Lord she was in exactly the right spot or he would have smashed in the cabinets.

  16. Sara says:

    once when I was a young babysitter, I brought the 2 yr old boy upstairs to change his diaper and I didn’t close the gate behind me. After the diaper change i put him on the floor right next to me to wipe my hands and throw away the diaper. He took off like a rocket and went right for the stairs. I was about an inch to far from catching him and he fell down the entire flight of stairs. Scariest moment ever! but he was fine. luckily. never again will I leave the gate open. I even thinking about putting up two gates because my hubby forgets to close ours! I’ve told him this story but I guess it doen’t mean as much until it happens to you.

  17. DeservingPorcupine says:

    My twins hit the ground a ton of times in their first year. The scariest was just as BJ described–car seat in a Costco wagon, bump in the parking lot, baby and seat hit the ground and flip over. She was only 3 or 4 months old. She was fine (handle up), but I will NEVER do that again. I’ve heard reports of kids dying from similar falls. But my son also pulled each of the twins off the couch at least once, and they both lunged off the couch at least once. I feel like there were more, but none were so scary and serious as the carseat incident.

  18. Alley says:

    Oh wow… how scary! The scariest moment I’ve had with my daughter (in her infancy) was when she was just-born. I’m talking, she wasn’t even two days old… her idiot dad (not just an idiot for this, btw… but in general) picked her up out of my arms and even though I’d drilled it into him to SUPPORT HER NECK, SUPPORT HER NECK, he just picked her up by her shoulders and her bottom so as soon as the little thing left my arms, her head went “crack” backwards since the neck was obviously useless so early on. I lunged forward and took her back and started at her intently as I sent him a look that said “you’re lucky I’m miserable right now, because otherwise I would seriously, SERIOUSLY, kill you”. Let’s just say that I don’t recall ever seeing him hold her as an infant after that scenario. Fortunately, she was okay… I got lucky. I’m glad Paul made out okay with that scenario too… at least your husband is sorry. The ex didn’t seem to care, was just scared of my wrath… heh.

  19. Becky says:

    when my oldest was 15 months old, my husband had just made a cup of tea and left it on the counter and went outside to take out garbage. I was in the living room with my 4 month old and I heard a thump and a scream that I will never ever forget and I knew instantly what had happened. I went into the kitchen and we she was shaking and crying, We went into the bathroom and put my daughter into the tub with her jammies on and everything. I had to force her to lay down as the water had hit her head, arms and back.

    When we took off her wet jammies, we also took off the top of the blisters on her head, ooops.

    We took her to the ER and immediately got in, no wait time. The doctors and nurses reassured us that it happens, but we felt sick, my hubby especially. But…kids skin rejuvinates so quickly at that age that now at age 4, she has no scars.

  20. Amy says:

    About 3 days after my 5 th son was born. The nurse brought him back into my room at around 5am. My husband planned on going back to work that day, since he had been staying in the hospital with me, I had a c-section. I had put 2 pillows on each side of me since I was in so much pain that when I was holding the baby I could just rest him on either side of me on the pillows, instead of putting added pressure on my icision. Well during the night, my husband got up & took both pillows from my left side. When the nurse brought in the baby, he started crying. I got up & went to the bathroom, came back & I took him out of the bassinet & put him on my chest. I fell asleep for about 2 hrs. Then I was woken up when the baby rolled off my chest to the left & since my husband had taken the two pillows he rolled right onto the floor. I jumped up so fast, ripped my incision appart. My husband jumped over the table & the bed. The baby was screaming. I thought my husband we gonna hit me, he spoke to me in a tone I’ve never heard. All I could do was cry. We called in the nurses, since I’m a nurse myself I knew not to tell them the baby fell on the floor. We told them the baby hit the side rail on the bed. When they called the pediatrician in she saw how upset I was & she said it could’ve been worse, he could have fallen on the floor. I looked at her & said he did. She said no he didn’t, he just fine he only hit the side rail. She did check him out really good. I was so upset. Like the Dr said if it took me 5 kids to drop 1, then I’m doing pretty good. Parents aren’t perfect like we are expected to be.

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