And They Call The Thing Rodeo

Evie at the SF Rodeo

A few weeks ago, we took little Lou to the SF Rodeo. It was a hit.

All summer, her sleep schedule has been ruined because we want to take her everywhere with us. (I know, I know…. this will all change with more kiddos… I know.)

She was a champ. She took a cat nap during the rodeo and cheered the cowboys and cowgirls on. Although…. she started out with a meltdown.

Apparently, Evie is terrified of speaker systems. Are your babies the same? I first found out about this when I was flying to NY with her at 10 wks and the flight attendant spoke. It terrified her. I’d never seen such a look of fear and it has happened every time since. I’m sure it’s the decibel, but it’s always the speaker system.

I thought we might have to go home, but after the first 10 minutes, she got used to it and asked if she could be a Mutton Buster next year.

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