Another Milestone for Fuzz

Fuzz Mid-roll

He did it! He rolled! Four days shy of his four month birthday, Fuzz rolled over from back to tummy. Let’s see if this helps his sleeping.

His rolling brings to light the fact that the months with this kid are flying by with lightning speed. I posted a little about this on my personal blog as well. It’s amazing to me how with one roll, several baby items become obsolete almost immediately. The landscape of my living room is changing rapidly.

He can now get out of his Newborn Lounger. The co-sleeper and bassinet are now dangerous–not to mention he’s too huge for both of them. He’ll be rolling off the Gym-mini soon and his feet have already started protruding out of the swing.  Soon, we’ll be busting out that crazy bouncy chair thing that hangs from the doorway, and the “exersaucer” — yet another dumb name for a baby item.

It’s also time to do another overhaul in the closet. Yesterday, I dipped into the 6 to 12 month box. Yes, I realize he’s still not four months.

I can’t help but be a little sad that things are moving so fast, even though when I was pregnant, my nesting self relished the fact that in only six months I could get rid of HALF of the stuff that was cluttering my home. Now that we’re done with it, I am a little reluctant to shove it out the door so quickly.

I’m trying savor every little moment of my second little boy’s babyhood but it doesn’t seem to matter how slowly I sip, it’s disappearing way faster than I’d like. Could this mean I really do want another one?