Another One of Baby's Firsts

Feeling grass for the first time!

It is finally spring in Seattle!  I have looked forward to this since long before Cullen was born.  Knowing I was having a baby going into the darkest and rainiest season here, I knew we’d be battling some seasonal elements.  The timing has actually worked out perfectly though, because now that Cullen is five months old, he is just starting to be interactive and independent enough to really enjoy the great outdoors – just in time for warmer and sunnier weather!

This week he conquered another one of baby’s firsts…

Playing in the grass!

It seems like such a simple thing, but as is anything with a new baby, firsts are so fun to watch.  He was mesmerized by the texture and feel of the grass on his hands, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the dirt and debris sticking to his palms as he crawled around.

We’re going to be moving to a new house soon with a bigger yard and more room to play.  I can’t wait until he can run around back there chasing our dogs and feeling the sun on his face.

Growing up, I practically lived in our backyard.  During the summers I’d be out from sun up to sun down, rarely even coming indoors for meals.  I have always hoped that my kids would appreciate nature and fresh air as much as their mom.

It’s so fun watching Cullen experience all these firsts.  Something as simple as grass makes me realize how special it is to be a parent.