Answering the Question: Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog?

Do you write a blog? What inspires you to write? Do you ever worry that you are exposing yourself or your children too much? I have pondered this time and time again. Occasionally I’ll get an email from someone who wants to know how I justify talking about and posting photos of my children on the internet. I’ve also gotten some negative feedback on having sponsors on my blog.

It really is a tough thing to juggle – I am constantly toeing the line of not sharing too much but trying to capture the essence of our family’s life. I worry every time I choose to bring on a new sponsor that I will lose readership. But for the most part, I’ve found blogging publicly and sharing our experience has been an incredibly positive experience.

Today on my personal blog, Dear Baby, I shared the details on why I blog and how I justify sharing the details of my family’s life on the internet. I’d welcome your thoughts on whether or not you’d do the same in my position.