Do You Sling, Or Do You Stroll?


Over the past 8 years of parenting, I’ve have about 5 different strollers. Currently, I have two in my garage.

On that same note, I’ve had about 12 different babycarries come and go in and out of my life, and right now I have about 5 favorites. Yes, 5 favorites. What about it?

The wrap is great for newborns. The structured carrier is like an all-terrain vehicle you hate to love. The sling is romantic, and the mei tai is easy peasy for just about everyone.

My husband will wear some, but not others. I can breastfeed in a few, but not all. These are just a few excuses *ahem* reasons I have for accumulating such a collection of carriers.

So every time my crew leaves the house, I assess our adventure, and decide whether we will be slingin’ or strollin’ it down the street.

And more times than not, I grab both the stroller and the babycarrier.

I have a newborn, two year old, and four year old. It’s obvious that not just one little person transporter will do. I often sling and stroll simultaneously. But believe you me, if I could schlep all my kids on my back? I probably would…

I’m sure we look like a slow moving circus walking down the street, but we do what we gotta do to get from point A to point B.

The two year old sits in the stroller seat, the four year old stands on the riding platform attached to the strollers back, the newborn rides in a sling, and the 7 year old is responsible for keeping up with the caravan and picking up any tossed items we leave in our wake.

I tell you what, I look forward to the day when I don’t have to lug the stroller around town. But I never look forward to the day where I have no use for a sling.

Do you prefer to sling or stroll?

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