At What Point Is This Child Abuse? [VIDEO]

We may need to bring in Tiger Dad to oversee Hank's rollover technique.

Henry has started rolling over from time to time which is, I believe, is how yesterday’s bad parenting fiasco occurred.

Little dude can move, man.

That’s why today I decided I would videotape him in triumphant action.  So I broke out the camera, put the little guy on his stomach and pressed record.  Of course I expected him to do his usual ten second acrobatics that result in an immediate rollover.

Not today.  Dude was not on his game.

Click the link and decide if you need to call Child Protective Services on me.

Listen for the fart around 40 seconds.  It’s my favorite part. Also, my voice will reach decibels that may disturb any canines residing within a mile radius of your computer. Consider yourself warned.

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