Avery is Smiling! {Video}


There is no greater feeling than watching your little one accomplish a milestone for the first time. For the first month of Avery’s life she didn’t do much other than eat, sleep, and poop. She is such a joy to have around, but I really couldn’t wait to start interacting with her.

Towards the end of her first month, Avery started to stay awake a little bit longer during the day and I noticed that she was looking around more. Although I knew she couldn’t fully understand what was going on, I took full advantage of her awake time and started talking to her as much as I could. I’d do that high pitch mommy voice to see if get her to look at me.

She didn’t do much other than look at me when I spoke to her, and I didn’t really expect much more. It was more of a bonding time that I loved spending with her more than anything.

Much to my surprise, just one day after she turned one month old, she smiled at me during one of our “chats.” Knowing that it was a little bit early for her to really smile with meaning, I thought it was a fluke and passed it off as gas. A couple hours later, I started to talk to her again and she smiled at me one more time. My heart filled with joy and I knew that this was, in fact, a real smile.

After that I spent hours trying to get her to keep on smiling because I wanted to get it on camera to show it off to my family. She wouldn’t perform on command with a camera in her face, so it took me a while to get a shot, but I finally got one. And because I am such a proud mommy, I whipped out the video camera and attempted to get it on film. It only took about 10 takes, but I finally got my little one smiling at me on camera. After that I attempted to get a few more just because it makes my heart melt and I want to cherish these moments forever.

Check out the adorable video montage after the jump! 



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