Avery’s First Birthday Party


We celebrated Avery’s first birthday over the weekend with a few close family and friends. It’s hard to have a big birthday party here in the city without spending thousands of dollars and renting a place to throw it. Because we don’t have  huge apartment, we decided to have an intimate party with our closest friends to celebrate Avery’s special day.

I really wanted to make this party special for Avery. Although we had it at our apartment, I did my best to decorate and make our small space look perfect for Avery. She didn’t have a clue that we were celebrating her special day, but she sure did enjoy the attention on her the entire time. I captured so many special moments during the party and am so happy with the way that everything turned out.

I took a ton of photos at the party (as any mother would) and wanted to share with you some of my favorites!

  • Avery’s First Birthday Party 1 of 19
    Avery's First Birthday Party
    We couldn't wait to celebrate Avery's First Birthday with all of our family and friends.
  • Decorations Are Up! 2 of 19
    Decorations Are Up!
    I wanted to use decorations that I would also be able to use in the girls room when I was finished with them. The color scheme was inspired by their bedsheets, which I am obsessed with. Most of the decorations were bought off of Etsy. I made the Happy Birthday sign.
    For details on all of the decorations, you can visit my personal blog.
  • Ready For Our Guests! 3 of 19
    Ready For Our Guests!
    The food and decorations took me a while to put up and get ready. A little bit more than I anticipated. I spent most of the nights last week getting the decorations ready and put up and then that left me with only the food to cook on Saturday morning.
  • Yummy Food! 4 of 19
    Yummy Food!
    The party was at noon, so we I went with a brunch menu.
    For details on all of the food and recipes, you can visit my personal blog.
  • Mason Inspiration 5 of 19
    Mason Inspiration
    I used a lot of mason jars as a part of the decor and with the drinks. I originally wanted to use mason jars as cups for the adults and have them put chalkboard stickers on them so we could tell them apart. From that inspiration, I decided to use different sized mason jars for flower pots and to hold utensils.
  • Smash Cake 6 of 19
    Smash Cake
    One of my favorite pieces of the party and the centerpiece of the table.
    For details on the smash cake, you can visit my personal blog.
  • Sisterly Birthday Love 7 of 19
    Sisterly Birthday Love
    Harlan had a hard time giving Avery the center of attention for the party, so she made sure to try to make it in every single shot. She was very loving and always wanted to make sure Avery had a great party.
  • Happy Birthday Girl 8 of 19
    Happy Birthday Girl
    It took Avery a while to warm up to everyone at the party because she's not used to that many people focusing their attention on her at once. But after about an hour, she was having so much fun and was all smiles!
  • A Birthday Wave 9 of 19
    A Birthday Wave
    Avery loves to wave, so it's no surprise that she waved to everyone the entire time we sang her Happy Birthday.
  • First Taste of the Cake 10 of 19
    First Taste of the Cake
    She gently put her fingers in the icing and then just started licking them.
  • Yummy! 11 of 19
    All she wanted was the icing. Could you blame her?
  • Birthday Presents! 12 of 19
    Birthday Presents!
    Harlan wanted to open most of the gifts for Avery. Avery really had no idea what was going on so she just went with it. She loved the stuffed animals.
  • Mommy’s Birthday Girl 13 of 19
    Mommy's Birthday Girl
    Loved making her first birthday so special.
  • Both of my Girls 14 of 19
    Both of my Girls
    So glad that both of them could have a good time at the party.
  • Family Shot 15 of 19
    Family Shot
    Of course we couldn't get one of everyone looking at the camera at the same time.
  • Birthday Backdrop 16 of 19
    Birthday Backdrop
    I wanted to make an easy backdrop so that I could get better pictures of Avery than our typical apartment wall. This was really simply made with crepe paper.
  • I Love the Attention 17 of 19
    I Love the Attention
    She wasn't sure about it at first, but after a while, she loved all of the attention.
  • Big Sister 18 of 19
    Big Sister
    She did great letting Avery get all of the attention on her big day.
  • Sisters 19 of 19
    It was nearly impossible to get them both sitting or standing still for a photo. I had to bribe Avery with a cake pop and this was the best I could get, but it describes their personality perfectly.

For more details on all of the decorations and food, visit my personal blog, A Mommy in the City.

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