Avery's First Food (Photos)

Avocado's #1 Fan

We started Avery on solids on her six month birthday on Tuesday. There was much debate between my pediatrician and I on what solid foods to start her on. She suggested rice cereal (and continues to do so today) as the first real solid food that Avery should try. After doing my research and realizing there was no nutritional benefit, I decided otherwise.

I reached out to you last week to see what the first solid food you gave your baby, and the overwhelming response was avocado. Avocado contains valuable nutrients and “good fat” for your baby. It was already on the top of my list as a first food to try for Avery, but after seeing everyone else say they did it too, it just confirmed it.

I was so unsure as to how she was going to react to the foods. Was she going to spit it out? Gag? Love it? I had absolutely no idea. I sat Avery in her highchair ready to eat. Her eyes got bigger as I put the bowl of green mush right in front of her.

How did she react to her first taste of food? Check it out and see after the jump! 

  • First Bite 1 of 12
    First Bite
    I was so curious as to how she would react to the taste, texture, food that was something other than breast milk. Her face looks a little unsure in this picture.
  • Big Sister Wants to Help Out 2 of 12
    Big Sister Wants to Help Out
    Harlan felt a little bit left out of this big milestone, so whenever she is willing to help me I always let her. She started feeding Avery and Avery was just eating it right up.
  • You Mean You Want Me To Do It Myself? 3 of 12
    You Mean You Want Me To Do It Myself?
    After feeding her with a spoon, I decided to let her have her hand at trying to feed herself. Let her get a little bit of a sense of independence when it comes to eating. She was unsure about me backing off and giving her free reign.
  • OK I’ll Try My Hands In This Stuff 4 of 12
    OK I'll Try My Hands In This Stuff
    After a little bit she stuck her hands right in the avocado and started to get down to business.
  • Let Me Try The Spoon Too 5 of 12
    Let Me Try The Spoon Too
    She then saw the spoon and wanted to spoon feed herself. It lasted all of one minute before she dropped it on the ground.
  • Putting This Stuff In Your Mouth Takes A Lot of Concentration 6 of 12
    Putting This Stuff In Your Mouth Takes A Lot of Concentration
    She was trying so hard to get the bits and pieces to eat. Her full attention was focused on that food.
  • Squish It Around 7 of 12
    Squish It Around
    She was so amazed with the texture of the avocado that she was playing with it and squishing it between her fingers. I think the first year is the only time that we can encourage our kids to play with their food.
  • Finger Licking Good 8 of 12
    Finger Licking Good
    She loved it so much she kept sucking on her fingers to get all of the avocado off.
  • Give Me All The Avocado! 9 of 12
    Give Me All The Avocado!
    Once it was almost all gone, she was trying her best to get every last morsel.
  • I Don’t Care That My Entire Body Is Green, This Tastes Amazing! 10 of 12
    I Don't Care That My Entire Body Is Green, This Tastes Amazing!
    Once we were done she was covered in avocado. She didn't care and I didn't care. I was so happy that she enjoyed it as much as she did.
  • This Stuff Is Good! 11 of 12
    This Stuff Is Good!
    We were all ready to get cleaned up, but not before she gave me the biggest smile to let me know how much she loved it.
  • I Love Avocado!! 12 of 12
    I Love Avocado!!
    Avocado's #1 Fan.

We are now on day three of avocado and she is absolutely in love with it. Can’t wait to start another vegetable in a few days!

How did your baby react to their first solid food?

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