Babble's Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs


When I was growing up Autism wasn’t really on most people’s radars.  Most people didn’t know much about it aside from Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of it in the movie “Rain Man”.  Because of this lack of public knowledge it seemed incredibly overwhelming when my younger brother was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  It was the 90’s and he was in 7th grade – pretty late for a diagnosis, but people just didn’t know much about it.  I remember seeing my mom crying a lot – overwhelmed with the task of helping her child navigate life without much of a support system and without a lot of knowledge.

The CDC now estimates that 1 in 88 children are affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  That’s a huge rise, but luckily there are much better support systems in place now and so much more knowledge about Autism and how to help those affected.  This is why Babble has put together a round up of their Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs.

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Babble’s round up includes blogs of parents with children and teens with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and even blogs of those who are on the spectrum themselves.  Reading these blogs is even great as a parent to a teeny baby, not only because it can help to be aware of the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders for the future and raise general awareness, but also because at our core we’re all parents.  We all have real struggles and issues and challenges and it’s nice to be able to relate to one another on that level – even if our struggles are different.

I for one am excited the parents with children on the spectrum will now have a new way to connect with one another and hopefully feel a little less overwhelmed.


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