Babies Grow Up

Babies grow up. Enjoy them while you can.
Babies grow up. Enjoy them while you can.

After chatting with a group of moms that all happen to have 1 child each, under the age of 3 – it hit me. They have no idea what will become of their sweet child.

As a first time parent, I was in the same boat. I had no idea what the realities of the next several years would be.

Before I go further, know this – I am an optimist at heart but what I am about to say sounds like a total Debbie Downer.

That sweet child won’t be sweet forever.

Over the course of the next few years your sweet little baby will develop a mind of his own. He’ll realize that he doesn’t always have to follow directions. There will be tears, tantrums and terror. And someday you will ask – what happened to my sweet baby?

I know what you are thinking – how pessimistic is this woman?!  I write this to say, enjoy these days.

How I wish I knew then what I know now. I now know that keeping my kids a priority is key, as they won’t be kids for long. While I know all things happen for a reason and I honestly try to live with no regrets – I know I missed parts of my babies’ lives that I can’t get back. I hate that.

I look at my 8-year old and miss holding her. How I wish somedays she was still itty bitty and innocent. These days, conversations were her are filled with questions and discussions on the realities of life.

My 6-year old  is slowly losing his innocence.  Our 20-month old, was just a baby. He like the others is on the grow.

Then there is our baby Zeke who is 4-months old. Each day his looks change and he has a new trick to show us. And before we know it,  he’ll be throwing iPods in the toilet and talking back like the others.

A baby growing up isn’t all bad – it’s just different.  Someday, my floors won’t need to be swept 3 times a day. Diaper changing will be a thing of the past. Maybe we’ll be able to vacation with some sense of sanity.

Until then, I am trying not to think about the future. There’s no pause button to freeze time. I am just enjoying these moments with each of my kids because after years of hearing it, I now know the following is true: Time flies. Enjoy your babies before they grow up.


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