Babies: The Temporary Miracle Migraine Cure. Now What?

I look this pretty when I have a migraine.

5 years ago, before becoming pregnant with Clare, I suffered from frequent migraines. Then something amazing happened once I was “with child,” no migraines, not one, not even after I gave birth and 6 months beyond. Then they returned and I thought about getting professional help because before you are a parent, an afternoon curled up under the covers, moaning in pain is an annoyance but at least it’s an option. Once you have a baby, migraine-mode goes out the window, but soon I was pregnant again and they went away again. Then they came back, Then I got pregnant again. Repeat. Wow, I have alot of kids. Anyway, they are back. Two days in a row, I’ve suffered from a terrible migraine.

Since a fourth child doesn’t seem like a logical treatments for headaches, I need to get to the doc and get some real help. Do you suffer from migraines? Did they go away while you were pregnant? How do you treat them? Medication, diet, lifestyle? Do you know what causes your migraines? I noticed that sunlight, dehydration and exhaustion are triggers for me. Should I be keeping track of any info before I see the doctor?