Baby (But Not So Baby) Explosions!

Apparently, Evie wanted our outfits to match.

On Sunday, we went to church and my lovely choir performed. (I’m the choir director -awesome job, singers!) Because my rear end was going to be seen by everyone, I tried to wear my best: a little Anthropologie skirt and BCBG top. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve looked or felt pretty and while I didn’t look or feel like a rockstar, it was much better than previous weeks.

I should have known better when Evie-Lou had passed 11am without a BM. (That girl is usually like clockwork).

At least she waited until after the choir finished and she was safely on my lap before making our outfits match with her disgusting explosion.

You better believe I left church early. Hello, bath time!

I still can’t believe how something so tiny can do something so powerful and powerfully disgusting. At first I wondered if I diaper her incorrectly… but nope, I’m pretty good at doing it right. That little one has some power.

I always send disgusting texts like this throughout the family and one sister replied, “It was nice of her to attempt a color match!”

Has this happened to you at an inopportune time?

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