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No matter how many books and tips expecting parents may read, nothing fully prepares a new mom or dad for the reality of parenthood. Parenthood is wonderful, but it is also tough - full of long nights, lonely days, and lots of questions. From figuring out which pediatrician to choose to how to find the best place to consign your kids' out-grown clothes, parents need a network. Parenting listservs not only offer help and advice, but they provide moms and dads with an instant community. Read More ↓

Here's a list of some of the most active and engaging parenting listservs and websites from around the country. They were chosen based either on recommendations by users of local listservs or because they were among the most active networks on the internet. If your favorite isn't listed, be sure to nominate it! - The 5 Minutes for Mom Team

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EAST COAST | Philly Parent Circle

Top 30 Parenting Listservs of 2011: The Mother Connection



Philly Parent Circle’s Ranking

Names of Foundera/Moderators: Peggy Mathias and Vanessa Linsell

Region: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Members: over 2,000

Fees/Membership Requirements: $30/year

About the network: Co-founders Peggy Mathias and Vanessa Linsell met several years ago in Chicago through another community. When Peggy moved to Philadelphia, she was surprised that a child-friendly, bustling city like Philly did not have a similar parenting resource for parents. Vanessa and Peggy decided that it was time to do something about the need, and Philly Parent Circle was born. “When word got out that we were on the scene about one year ago, we saw pretty explosive growth, which clearly validated the need for something like this in Philadelphia and the area’s suburbs,” said Peggy.

Why we love it: We were instantly impressed by Philly Parent Circle’s website. The colorful images and informative articles about local events are just the beginning of what users can gain from this online community. “We designed the site to not only be comprehensive and supportive, but also easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and fun to use,” said Peggy. “We wanted a one-stop resource for parents to engage with others; find exactly what they needed in terms of advice, childcare, connection, and/or resources; or spend time browsing thousands of listings of resources.”

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3 thoughts on “Top 30 Parenting Listservs of 2011

  1. Gwen says:

    It’s great to know there are places to go to for parenting support and info starting to have kids is such a confusing and overwhelming time!

  2. Randi says:

    i love living in providence!!!!! go providence moms!

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