Newborn (0-6 Months)

Newborn Bath Tips and Tricks

Baths can be fun for Mom, Dad and baby, but there are also times when things won’t go as smoothly as you would hope. Here are a few tricks to help keep bath-time on the fun track.

  • Make sure the room (bathroom, kitchen, etc) where the baby will be bathed is warm and draft-free and you can be comfortable.
  • Keep the baby diapered (especially boys who are known to shoot straight up at inopportune moments) until you’re ready to wash that area, or place baby in the tub.
  • Avoid giving your baby a bath immediately after he’s eaten. Newborns are more likely to spit up post-meal, and you don’t want him to need a second bath before he’s even out of the first.
  • Avoid giving your child bubble baths. Studies show they can increase the incidence of bladder inflammation.
  • Think about where you place the baby bath, especially if you have a bad back. Find a spot that is stable and at a comfortable height.

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2 thoughts on “Bathing Guide: Bathtubs, toys, and tips for kids ages 0-4

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. First bathing a baby is scary. So afraid that I will drop him when he is wet.

  2. zamaswazi says:

    Thank u so much 4 sharing dis vital info with us now I am so looking forward 2 bathing ma lil angel and I can’t wait 2 have her in ma arms as she will b ma very first precious child. *Due date come already*

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