Newborn (0-6 Months)

Best Newborn Bath Tubs and Toys


Safety 1st Complete Care 4 Stage Bath Center-$24.99

The 4 Stage Bath Center comes with three essential bath accessories: newborn sponge mat, infant bath cradle and toddler tub. These pieces are designed to work on countertops and in sinks and bathtubs, making the Complete Care the most comprehensive option available. For the first bath, plop baby down on the cushy, blue, foam whale for a quick sponge bath. When baby’s a little sturdier, use the slanted bath cradle in your sink or tub for a more thorough sudsing. Finally, use the large plastic tub when baby’s developed proper neck strength and is ready for water play. This terrific bath set also includes an informative parents’ guide and a rinse pitcher.


PRIMO Infant Bath Seat – $12

PRIMO has two stylish bath products that are refreshingly gimmick-free. I find the EuroBath ($32) a bit big – it reminds me of a snow toboggan – and prefer the trim, infant-sized bath seat. While I acknowledge that Primo’s full-sized offering will last until your child turns two, it’s too big for most city-dwellers. Space is a premium in my home, so I’d opt for the tiny one to get me through the first six months and then switch when my baby was too big (the box says, eighteen pounds). Thanks to the suction cups on the base, this infant seat is very effective at keeping baby secure. Available in three colors, this bath won’t look out of place in a modern home and it’s a cinch to keep clean.


Puj Tub

The Puj Tub is made for in-sink use, especially convenient for people who can’t or don’t want to try lifting their baby in and out of a regular tub (think recovering C-section moms). The Puj tub is soft and flexible, and it folds for easy put-away! Very convenient, and a super space-saver.


Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Center – $30

Are you the type to embrace all the accoutrements of parenthood? If so, you’re going to love the Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Center. First baths can be a first tricky with this tub’s infant “hammock,” which attaches inside the large plastic tub with screws, but once your child can sit up and enjoy all the “ocean wonders” of this design, you’ll be sold. This is one lively toddler tub – dangling plastic shells and water scoops are included. I also like deep-blue color and padded armrests.


Munchkin Inflatable Bath Cradle

If you’re a fairly confident parent accustomed to dealing with slippery little babes, the minimalist the Munchkin Inflatable Bath Cradle may be perfect for you. This device is best suited for bathing infants on countertops or in sinks and is perfect for travel. Though unbelievable light, this accessory has a cool feature, the “White Hot” safety disc. The disc turns white when the water is too hot; a blue disc indicates the water is a safe temperature. It’s available in pink and blue.


Alex Toys Rub-A-Dub Line – $8-$27

If you visit the Alex website for bath toys, you’ll wonder its store doesn’t just include an “Add-One-Of-Everything” button. This stellar brand blew us away with their vast array of imaginative, fun and well-made bath toys to entertain every bather. If your child is a musician, check out the Water Flutes ($13.99) tuned by altering the amounts of water in each, or the floating 3-in-1 Music Island ($26.99) that includes a drum, xylophone and shaker. Art-lovers will get giddy for the washable Rub A Dub Draw In The Tub ($7.99) crayons to decorate the tub, tiles or body, while fashionistas-in-training will fall for the Fashion In The Tub ($14.99), which includes two foam people and over two dozen outfits and accessories. We also got a sneak peak at the new Spin & Wash, a floating foam board with a spinning monkey tail that points to different parts of the body to wash — perfect to help reluctant washers get clean.

Get the full line from Alex Toys.

Get the Rub-a-Dub bath paint set from Amazon.

Get the Water Flutes from Amazon.

Get the Music Island from Amazon.

Get the Fashion in a Tub playset from Amazon.


Bath Squirters – $10-15

Bathtime would not be complete without something that has the potential to squirt water all over the bathroom. Giggle offers four sets of Bath Squirters to satisfy every water-warrior – an eight-pack of underwater Sea Creatures, a six-pack of City Vehicles set and two five-packs of Rock n Roll instruments or Wild Animals. While we can’t guarantee that the water will stay in the tub, we can promise that these floaters are non-toxic, phthalate-free and come in a convenient storage bag. And though good times in the bath, these creatures, cars and instruments also worked great as participants in a backyard zoo, were handy cargo on a LEGO train and helped jumping in the pool seem not-so-scary.

Get the Sea Creatures set from Giggle.

Get the City Vehicles set from Giggle.

Get the Rock n Roll set from Giggle.

Get the Wild Animals set from Giggle.


Boon “Water Bugs” and “Splat” – $7.99

Boon is always brilliant at coming up with smart ideas, and their bath toys are no exception. With net in hand, our tester barely noticed our scrubbing behind the ears while he tried to catch the three floating insects in the Water Bugs set. A floating ring-toss game, Splat, was the perfect tool to end bathtime – get all three rings on and it’s time to dry off. We also loved the versatility of the toys. The water bugs became counting tools, the net capture the dropped soap and the ring-toss base doubled as a watery spinning top. Need more reasons to love Boon? Both toys are compact, come in gender-neutral colors and are BpA-, phthalate- and PVC-free.

Get the Splat from Boon.

Get the Water Bugs from Boon.

Get the Splat from Amazon.

Get the Water Bugs from Amazon.


Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques – $12.99

School is cool and math is a splash with the Bathtime Fun Appliques by Sassy. Using these non-toxic, foam cut-outs, kids can name letters, line up numbers or create words while you scrub away evidence from the day’s play. Letter and number appliqu’s are common, but Sassy’s are set apart for their use of capital letters (best for early learners), colorful but not distracting patterns and extras pieces of commonly used letters to make word-building easy. The eighty-four colorful letters and numbers float on the water, stick to the tub or tile when wet and are equally fun out of the tub as they are in.

Get them from Amazon.


Tubby Tug Boat by Parents – $35

Though compared to our other picks, the Tubby Tug Boat by Parents does have a heftier price tag, it also packs quite a punch. In addition to the paddle-wheel boat, you also get two peek-a-boo mirrors, four fish, a fishing pole, an octopus comb, a captain, a life-preserver, a fish nail brush and three stacking cups to sift, stack and pour. Fifteen pieces in all to play with, and two that will even help you keep junior clean (scrubbing your nails is always more fun when it’s with a fish). Tubby has lots of opportunities for play and kept testers occupied until the water grew cold. No doubt kids will love it, but here’s something mom and dad will love too – all those myriad of piece fit nicely inside the cabin roof, keeping your counters clear and your tub tidy.

Get it from Boomerang Toys.

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    Thanks for sharing these tips. First bathing a baby is scary. So afraid that I will drop him when he is wet.

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    Thank u so much 4 sharing dis vital info with us now I am so looking forward 2 bathing ma lil angel and I can’t wait 2 have her in ma arms as she will b ma very first precious child. *Due date come already*

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