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Looking Put Together

One of the hardest aspects of new parenting is the lack of time for your everyday, run-of-the-mill grooming – especially if you’re heading back to work. Besides worrying about your own time management, you also have a baby to feed, dress, change and pack for. Finding a way to get both you and your baby ready, off to childcare and into the office on time is quite the task as it is – so there’s really no room for blow dryers, eyelash curlers and a full face of foundation.

Even if you’re not going back to work, it’s hard to spend six months feeling like a frumpier version of your former self. Here are our favorite tips and products for looking more put-together when you have no time for such a thing:

  • LuLu Organics Hair Powder: Hair powder and dry shampoo were designed to soak up hair oil to give your scalp a break from frequent shampooing. However, it’s even better for new mothers who are nixing the shampoo cycle as a time saver rather than a beauty strategy.
  • Tinted Moisturizer: Skip some morning steps and slather on SPF moisturizer with skin-correcting coverage. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about the thick, streaky, caked-on look of quickly applied foundation.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright: A dab on the inner corner of each eye instantly brightens your face and makes you look less tired.
  • The Multiple by NARS Cosmetics: This coral/peach tone is one of the most universally flattering, instantly creating a bright, glowing complexion – even on the dullest, most exhausted skin.
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Balm: This hair serum not only smoothes frizzes and fly-aways, but it also speeds up your drying time sans blow dryer.
  • Ouidad Botanical Boost: One of our favorite hair products ever, this lightweight leave-in conditioner is the ultimate wash-and-go tool. It makes hair soft, moisturized and tame, while infusing botanicals and antioxidants.
  • Oil-absorbing face sheets: Because you don’t have time for makeup touch-ups, keep some of these in your bag to quickly soak up any oil and shine.
  • Rosebud Salve in a tube: A multi-tasking product for multi-tasking moms, this one little tube moisturizes your lips, heals cuts, tames cuticles, fixes dry skin and even minimizes your baby’s diaper rash.
  • Talk to your hair stylist about an easier, wash-and-go hairstyle. Even if it means chopping your extra long post-pregnancy hair, the time you’ll save will be so worth it.
  • Try switching your shower routine to the nighttime. We know it’s nice to have a morning wake-up shower, but you might even have time to – gasp! – shave if you switch to a p.m. shower session.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • The night before, pack your baby’s bag (if heading to child care) – which includes preparing bottles and extra pairs of clothes – as well as your own lunch and bag for work.
  • Minimize the mad dash to find lost items: Every night, gather your keys, shoes, pacifiers and any other hot-button items and put them all in one place.
  • Find more beauty must-haves here.

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19 thoughts on “Newborn Care: An introduction to your newborn baby’s health

  1. Maribel Riel says:

    Since its my first baby i want to learn more. Your site is a good help for a first time mom like me. Thanks

  2. pavani says:

    thanks for providing information

  3. nancy inyene bassey says:

    My baby has cough and cattarh.

  4. kamakshi says:

    my baby has cough and cold tele me home medicine

  5. Faith victor says:

    This site is very informative. I appreciate it. Thank

  6. Chitra kohli says:


  7. damsel says:

    my baby is 10 month she’s vomiting & her stool is white & watery.is it symptom of teeting?

  8. Eme says:

    am so afraid i could be pregnant four months after birth,though i have not seen my period and my husband came into me today.cos i allowed it. Could i be pregnant?

  9. JJ says:

    Hi i dont knw much bt the stools being white cud b something to do with liver of baby bt only if its like chalk white bt hope its not that id take my lo to docters just to make sure cuz the colour of stool is a big concern and the vomiting ofcause bt hope baby gets better

  10. Mythily says:

    I was just gonna buy a pair of shoes for my 11 months old and lucky that i got to read this. Very helpful, thanks.

  11. bimal says:

    my baby is seven month old but can not sit up now what problem

  12. de dun says:

    My 6 month old is teething,she has cold and cattarh and hasn’t bn feeding well
    Am really worried

  13. madhumita rath says:

    my baby has cough &cold problem plz suggest me how to protect

  14. Tberry says:

    More enlightment on two month old baby.

  15. selamawit says:

    really good guide lines for all first time mom like me. thanks!

  16. My baby 4months and two weeks, he can roll over, pulling up, but he can’t sit without support. He can grab things and try to put in the mouth. He can only smile but not laughing, he blow bubbles a lot, yet he doesn’t recognize her name

  17. carol says:

    am a working lady and i breast feed my baby only at night but he has not yet seated yet he’s now 5 months ,what could be the problem?

  18. miriam says:

    My 4 months old baby is very active. feeds only on breast milk. Could d breast milk be the cause?

  19. jess says:

    Are you bottle or breast feeding?

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