Weeks 5 – 10

Your Baby’s Two-Month Check-Up

Most parents eagerly look forward to the monthly check-ups during baby’s first year, as it’s a chance to concretely measure growth, discuss looming concerns and make sure everything is developing on track.

Of course there is a downside: holding your little one for yet more shots. We understand if you’re feeling a bit uneasy about immunizations, but this isn’t something to ignore or blindly opt-out of. Research fully the pros and cons, and then talk to your doctor about possible alternatives. Make sure you completely understand the ramifications of whichever decision you make.

Long waits and cranky babies can make for a disastrous visit, so here are some basic tips to remember:

  • Make sure your baby is fed and changed.
  • Avoid scheduling a Monday appointment, which typically has the longest wait due to kids who got sick over the weekend.
  • Aim for the first appointment of the day or right after lunch for the shortest wait times.
  • If you have bigger health issues that need to be addressed, give the office notice when scheduling the appointment so the doctor won’t be rushed.
  • Dress your baby in easy-on, easy-off outfits.
  • Wait to undress your baby until the exam starts.
  • Ask to hold your baby in your arms or lap as much as you can, especially for the shots.
  • Don’t hold back any questions. Come armed with a list of everything you’re concerned about – both big and small. Doctors rely heavily on a mother’s instinct because they aren’t with your baby every day, like you are. If you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, or if you notice an unusual change, let your doctor know. It might be nothing, but it’s better to have the peace of mind.

General Health Concerns

Babies encounter different health problems at different times, so it’s important to know which symptoms warrant an immediate call to the doctor.

As your baby continues to graduate out of the newborn phase, his or her digestive system will start to mature – meaning less house-rocking gas, explosive bowel movements and random spit-up. However, you might be worried about certain digestive issues like:

Other issues you might still be wondering about are:

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