4 months old

Bowel Movements and Digestion

You’ll notice a reduction in your baby’s bowel movement frequency (if you haven’t already) as your baby’s digestive system matures and solid foods are introduced. Even if you decide to stick to a purely liquid diet for a few more months, you might notice that the six bowel movements your baby had yesterday have turned into maybe one – or none – today. Of course, digestive habits will vary, but don’t be too concerned about this sudden drop. Unless your baby is straining to pass hard, pellet-size stools, it’s most likely not constipation. On the other hand, if you notice watery, green stools – possibly with blood or mucus – then it sounds like your baby has diarrhea.

Also, keep in mind that symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) tend to peak at around four months, characterized by:

  • Inconsolable crying, often sounding like he or she is in pain
  • A large amount of spit-up and drool
  • Projectile vomit
  • Little to no weight gain
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Gagging while eating
  • Back arching, leg curling or other signs of abdominal pain
  • Excessive burping and/or hiccupping
  • A chronic cough, which often leads to respiratory problems
  • Constant ear infections

The doctor might recommend adding rice cereal to your baby’s bottle (always get the green light before doing this), or giving medication to reduce or neutralize your baby’s stomach acid. Most will outgrow this heartburn-like condition and the symptoms aren’t likely to get worse than they are right now. Until then, follow our advice on how to help relieve reflux.

Now that your baby is secreting less waste, cloth and hybrid diapers might be more manageable for those cringing at the landfill contribution of and chemical-filled plastic in disposables. Before you write off cloth as messy and high maintenance, there are plenty of new options that eliminate some of the hassle. And if your baby has been experiencing painful diaper rash, trying a different diapering option might be helpful.

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    My baby has cough and cattarh.

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    my baby is 10 month she’s vomiting & her stool is white & watery.is it symptom of teeting?

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    am so afraid i could be pregnant four months after birth,though i have not seen my period and my husband came into me today.cos i allowed it. Could i be pregnant?

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    Hi i dont knw much bt the stools being white cud b something to do with liver of baby bt only if its like chalk white bt hope its not that id take my lo to docters just to make sure cuz the colour of stool is a big concern and the vomiting ofcause bt hope baby gets better

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  16. My baby 4months and two weeks, he can roll over, pulling up, but he can’t sit without support. He can grab things and try to put in the mouth. He can only smile but not laughing, he blow bubbles a lot, yet he doesn’t recognize her name

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    am a working lady and i breast feed my baby only at night but he has not yet seated yet he’s now 5 months ,what could be the problem?

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    My 4 months old baby is very active. feeds only on breast milk. Could d breast milk be the cause?

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    Are you bottle or breast feeding?

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