5 months old

When to start

  • It’s important to remember that, at five months, these new foods aren’t a replacement, as your baby will still be getting most nutrients from breast milk or formula.
  • Think of this as an introduction to the techniques, flavors and consistency of real food.
  • If you’re starting with rice cereal this month, read our advice from last month.
  • Wondering if your little one is ready to venture into the world of cups and spoons? While the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, most experts agree that some babies are ready to start solids between five and six months. Readiness signs include:
    • Full head control;
    • The ability to keep food in his or her mouth, which you can simply test by putting a small amount of rice cereal in his or her mouth;
    • Showing interest in adult food, such as reaching for your plate; and
    • A green light from the doctor.
  • For information on supplementing with formula and/or introducing a bottle, read our previous advice.

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